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Hedge Fund Database
Morgan Hedge Fund Database



  Hedge Fund Search
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Listed Hedge Funds:9,954
HF Professionals:16,367
Service Provider:516

Hedge Fund Search

To get the best possible results, there are two search options.

Quick search:
Enter the name or part of the name you are looking for. You may also enter the ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) or Tickersymbol (Stockexchange, Reuters or Bloomberg) for your search.

Detailed search:
You can search for funds using different qualitative criteria. Where checkboxes are used, more than one criteria for your search can be chosen.

Choose the region where the fund, alternative investment program or the investment manger are registered.

Define what type of investment you are looking for. An explanation for most types can be found in our Glossary .

Base Currency:
Currency used for the reporting, for return calculation and for investments and redemptions.

Accepted Types of Investors:
Types of investors, that are permitted to invest. By choosing ??Show All?? this criteria will be disregarded in your search.

Minimum Investment:
Defines the smallest possible investment amount accepted by the fund or program in Euros (?). E. g. if you choose ??Up To 250,000 EUR?? all funds that accept an initial investment of less than 250,000 ? will be shown.

Search for the prefered primary / secondary strategy. An explanation of the strategies can be found in our Glossary.

The more criteria you specify in your search, the lower the number of results will be and vice versa.

All search results can be sorted as follows (by clicking on the headlines):

  • Alphabetical ( Name, Category, Strategy)
  • Sort by ??ROR?? ( Rate of Return)
  • Sort by AUM (Assets Under Management)

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