Performance History

Enter the minimum number of years a fund exists. An entry of 10 would return only funds with a track record of 10 or more years.


Name, ISIN…

Enter the name or parts of the name you are looking for. You may also enter the ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) or the tickersymbol (Stockexchange, Reuters or Bloomberg) if applicable.



When you choose a region, all funds or the respective manager (management company) domiciled in that region will be shown. That means that if your search results show a fund that does not match your chosen region, then the management company is domiciled in that region.



You can include all strategies or specify one or more strategies in your search. Please be aware, that certain strategies and categories do not match each other and will not lead to any results (e. g. Category: CTA / CPO and Strategy: Private Equity). If you are not sure what strategies and categories match, only specify either the category or the strategy. This will yield the best possible results.


Accepted Types of Investors

List only those funds that accept the types of investors chosen. If you choose ‘Show All’ the accepted types of investors will be disregarded in the search.


Search in

Search option for Premium Members only.

Choose to search for active or inactive (graveyard) funds.

The Graveyard shows funds, that either don't exist anymore or that haven't updated their information on our database for more than 3 months.